Sufi Festival
Music, Dance, Devotion, Freedom, Inspiration
15-16-17 May 2014, Desert Ashram, Israel

Three days of music, dance, devotion, freedom, beauty and inspiration

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To reserve tickets and/or rooms via phone call: 052-77-20-200

On a full moon weekend, at the heart of the desert, we gather for a third time

After two exciting, groundbreaking years that have gone beyond imagination, two years where the “Sufi” festival has redefined the term “festival” and created a unique gathering that formed an entire community around it, we are thrilled to invite you the the 3rd Sufi festival

For thousands of years the Sufi way has provided a gateway for seekers of the path, poets, dancers, masters and brave spiritual teachers who have broken through the boundaries of tradition, religion and society, as they devote themselves to the direct connection between themselves and divinity in the path of love

The Sufi festival has come to give rise to the Sufi way, art and eternal wisdom that has been passed generation to generation, a space and a stage, a place of gathering, of friendship, sharing and expression beyond time. A space where music, dance and silence become a language. A stage for wisdom and poetry, beauty and tenderness, art and wildness, depth and richness, compassion and love

We welcome you to a rare musical journey, deep, wild and unforgettable with over 15 live shows that will move through the festival beginning to end between two stages. A show will take place every two hours, one after the other, creating a fascinating, enrapturing continuum, featuring dozens of local and international musicians

At the heart of the festival, a unique and unprecedented gathering. First class thinkers and Academia, master classes with top musicians and instructors who have been walking the path for years, all will assemble for a gathering of 6 different spaces which will be filled with voice, song, dance, movement, motion, conversation, experience, knowledge, wisdom and learning of the many levels and layers of the Sufi way

Above all, this festival is a gathering. Among the workshops, the shows, the food, the desert, the space, the music and the silence, something special is created between people. this magic cannot be described with words

You are hereby invited

Tickets for the festival

A ticket for the festival includes participation in all activities and camping site accommodations

Tickets are limited in numbers. The sooner you purchase a ticket, the cheaper it will be

For online purchase click here:

To order tickets and/or rooms via phone call: 052-77-20-200

Ticket prices

1st pre-sale available until 10.4 – 330 NIS Or until sold out

2nd pre-sale available until 4.5 – 360 NIS Or until sold out

3rd pre-sale available until 13.5 – 390 NIS Or until sold out

Tickets will be available at location only if there are still tickets left: 420 NIS

There are no single day or Fri/Sat tickets

These tickets will be available at festival location if any are left for 350 NIS

Children younger than 10 enter free. 10-18 are half price

We recommend not waiting for the last minute to buy tickets. It is highly reasonable that none will be left by then


The location has a limited number of rooms. Early bird gets the room. For reservations call: 052-7720200


The festival takes us on a 48 hours morning to night musical journey where we will be taken through the many shades and colors of the Sufi music that spreads across styles, languages, regions and rhythms

From the sacred Qawwali singing of Rajasthan, through the Sufi African trance, the playing of the tambour and daf from the mountains of Persia and Kurdistan, songs from the courts of ottoman to jihar sultans and the early connection between dance and middle eastern musical scales


20:00 Desert stage
~~~ Diwan Saz ~~~
The show “Unfathomed Depth” features Saaid Tarebia and Lubna Salma


22:00 Desert stage
~~~ The news of love ~~~
An opening ceremony of passion, poetry and Sufi dance hosted by Gil Ron Shama


22:30 Desert stage
~~~The Qawwalia ~~~
A special show launching their new album


00:30 Grass stage
~~~ Orvim Ensemble ~~~
Original middle eastern music, acoustic and contemporary



10:00 Grass stage
~~~ Ashik Ensemble ~~~
Sufi Wandering music


12:00 Desert stage
~~~ Atesh e Eshq – The Fire of Love ~~~
Amir Shahsar and and Miriam Peretz
A journey to the heart

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through music, dance and Sufi poetry


14:00 Desert stage
~~~ The

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main Sufi symposium ~~~
with sheikh Hilmi, Prof. Sara Sviri, Smadar Yaaron, Dr. Eldad Pardo and Ihab Balha hosted by Gil Ron Shama diving into the essence of the Sufi way


16:00 Grass stage
~~~ Sufi Rainbow ~~~
Shimon Lev-Tahor and Gabriel Meir Halevi playing music in all colors of the rainbow


18:00 Grass stage
~~~ Yair Dalal and George Sama’an~~~
Kabbalat Shalom – songs and heart to heart stories in Hebrew and Arabic in faith that peace is the only way


Desert stage 20:00 overseas guests
~~~ Dort Arkadas ~~~
The Sufi festival is proud to present two masters from the city of Izmir in Turkey plucking magical strings with hands of gold


22:00 Desert stage
~~~ Miriam Peretz & Nava Dance Collective ~~~
Premiering works from the new project – Bustan Veradim


22:30 Desert stage
~~~ Diwan Project featuring Sheikh Hilmi~~~
A special show commemorating Diwan’s 10th birthday-celebrating a decade of religion crossing sacred singing


00:30 Grass stage
~~~ The Sufi Jam ~~~
Ibrahim, Rani and the village musicians in boundless fooling-around-jamming into the night



10:30 Grass stage
~~~Avshalom Farjun Trio~~~
Avshalom Farjun, founder of “Bustan Abraham”, in a new musical project with Avshalom Tubali and Avi Agababa


12:00 Desert stage
~~~ The main whirling ceremony ~~~
Harel Schachal’s Turkish music ensemble


14:00 Grass stage
~~~ Bukhara ~~~
A journey along the silk

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road with sacred music from Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkey, India, Russia and Azerbaijan


16:00 Desert stage
~~~ The Sufi Gypsys ~~~
The Sufi group in an unforgettable finale

The 3rd Sufi gathering – Workshops and instructors

For three days at the heart of the desert, a school of discovery of secrets and mysteries of the heart if formed

Masterclasses, circles of wisdom, discussions and music that reveals knowledge that has been hidden for ages. The student-teacher bond, the listening, the conversing and the teaching itself are at the heart of the Sufi festival

The essence of our Sufi way is the sharing of knowledge and light directly and humbly. We have laid the groundwork for a form of en-richness that is full of grace and compassion, with a depth and a wideness that allows for song, dance, breathing, moving and listening.

In order to learn, you must devote yourself, in order to devote yourself, you must learn

Prof. Sara Sviri
The search, walking the path and the desert motif in the Sufi literature
about separation and longing

Miriam Peretz
Spiraling towards the heart
Persian Mystical Dance & the Ancient Art of Dancing to poetry

Dr. Eldad Pardo
The Longing in Arabian and Persian Sufism
It is no legend: Sufism and the hope for a better world

Smadar Yaaron
The sacred dance

Ora Balha
Sufi Dance: Whirling towards the heart
Sufi Dance: Uniting with the one

Yair Dalal
Peace and spirituality in music

Ihab Balha
The mystical path in Islam – Life in the presence of the beloved
Peace, love and transformation in the Islam

Dr. Omanand (Guruji) – India
Third Eye Awakening Techniques
Breathing techniques

Miri Alon
Oriental dance: The power of vibration
Earth and Sky

Yaqub IbnYusuf
Death and initiation in Reb Nachman of Berslov’s “Sufi” torah
The world of Jalal ad-Din Rumi

Aseem Shaul Braha
Sufi Zen
No Dimensions meditation

Yaron Peer
Voice and Word – The art of improvisation in Qawwali singing

Ellaya Ayal Mor
I heard god singing
“There is a field”- a meditative journey to the “nothingness” through sounds and words

Orit Succary
Remembering-Sufi Dancing
On eagles’ wings

Ronit Hollander
creating Mandalas-The point and circle of the heart
When the Spirit draws circles

Tzahi Ventura
About separation and longing
The secret of the wind: Inhaling, Exhaling

Dvir Cohen Eraki
Rumi meets Shabazi

Rani Pondak
Die before you die
the beloved – Dost

Yinon Darwish
Awakening the voice
Rumi meets Shabazi

Zuela Dobnikova
Dance of divinity
Alchemistic Sufi Dance

Natali Dvir
Free style whirling
Trance for motion

Ilana (Saboura) Eilam
Heart Whirling

Gil Ron Shama

Summit meeting Moses Muhammad Buddha and Jesus
The clown and the Pilgrim

Dr. Shelly Elkayam
The missing Imam and the Hebrew Sufi

Worshiping through bread making
A journey to the music, the singing, the playing and the inner life of Anatolia’s Ashiks

Rabaa Murcus
Improvisation and Sufi whirling

Adam and Tirtza
Growing up in sanctity

Gideon Elazar
joy-humility-nullifying: A Hassidic Sufi encounter

Meira Segal
Secrets of the wind: Inhaling, Exhaling

Yoram Arnon
The mysteries on Ottoman music


“There is a field beyond all doubt and wrong doing. I’ll meet you there”-Rumi

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